High quality stainless steel Cube together with weathered bowl and stainless steel grill grate make a stylish fire pit/BBQ with grilling surface enough to cook for 6-7 people.

This product requires minor assembly.
We do not paint or add any coating on our fire pits and their accessories, which means they are absolutely safe to cook on.
Grill grate can be positioned in 6 different heights.

Bowl: rusting steel
Legs: stainless steel
Barbecue grill: stainless steel, wooden handles

Bowl's diameter 63 cm
3.2 mm thick steel
Height 56.5 cm
Weight 16.75 kg
Barbecue Grill
Diameter 60 cm
Weight 3.5 kg

FREE DELIVERY to mainland UK, Ireland and all other EU countries we ship to.

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